G - Trackit


The asset tracking solution is a comprehensive and versatile cloud-based solution using Business Intelligence.

• Driver Behaviour Analytics
• Integrated Driver Management (IDM)
• Integrated Fleet Management (IFM)
• Remote Vehicle Control
• Geofencing
• Multi Road /Area Speed Management ( Application level)
• Real-time Tracking
• Trip Management
• Trip History playback


A camera-based technology is used to help both the driver and the vehicle react and respond to the world around them. ADAS systems rely on cameras to quickly and accurately detect and recognize other vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, traffic signs, lane lines, etc using AI-based algorithms, driving patterns and vehicle inputs.

Driver Behaviour Analytics

Understanding Driving Behaviour helps to improve traffic security by profiling and classifying drivers based on their driving patterns. This will result in an improved fleet management system. By fixing driver behaviour you can reduce the fleet expense by 7% G-Trackit provides comprehensive driver behaviour analytics reports which include a RAG system for the easy ranking of drivers.

Integrated Driver Management

Efficiently managing the drivers is essential in managing the operations as well as controlling and reducing the cost of the fleet. G-Trackit provides a very effective solution for monitoring, time managing and performance tracking of the drivers with reminder alarms and behavioural alarms.

• Driver Identification Monitoring and Access Control
• Driver Behaviour Analytics
• Driver Performance Tracking
• Driver Time Management
• License tracking Driver incident report
• Tracking through RFID, buttons and ID cards
• Reminder alarm for proactive action

Integrated Fleet Management

For fleets operating in competitive markets, even the smallest amounts of time and money become critical issues in determining success. It’s here that a vehicle tracking device alone will not be enough. However, integrated fleet management solutions offer innovative ways to make your fleet more efficient – and more profitable reducing the fleet fuel costs by 15%.

• Fleet Service history and tracking
• License, Payment, Insurance and
• Maintenance tracking
• Reminder alarm for proactive action
• Vehicle Performance Analytics

Core Features

• Real-time Tracking
• Geo-Fencing
• Alarm Management
• Reporting and Dashboards
• Visual Play History
• Live track
• Internal backup
• Battery and Memory
• Control Vehicles remotely
• Trip Management
• Multi Road /Area Speed Management ( Application level)
• Built-in motion sensor for power saving
• Email notifications
• Android and iOS App

Optional Features

• SOS panic button
• Impact Sensor
• Fuel Sensor
• Seat Belt Sensor
• Temperature Sensor
• Can Bus ( ODB2)
• Warning buzzer
• RFID/ I Button and ID card integration
• 2-way communication
• Immobilizer
• Multiple digital and analogue I/O
• Wi-Fi


G-Trackit vehicle tracking system is universal. It’s currently integrated with many GPS tracking devices, including personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers and software-based “trackers” installed as mobile apps on smartphones. Additionally, G-Trackit can process data, received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and others), cameras, tachographs and other supplementary GPS hardware, connected to GPS tracking devices.

• IP67 Certified
• TRA UAE Approved
• Customizable
• CE/FCC certified
• OPAL Approved
• RFID/ I Button/HiD Support
• TRA Oman Approved
• BP Approved
• Other hardware Supported
– Teltonika
– Reptile

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